Contact by Jake Shivery

Contact by Jake Shivery

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  • 9x12 inches

  • 160 pgs.

  • 57 plates + 36 additional images

  • Perfect bound, foil embossed cover

  • ISBN: 978-0-9844432-7-7

  • Limited Edition of 1,000

  • Introduction by Dr. Julian Nelson

Contact, which includes photos CNN said “show affection for Portland area [and its] residents,” presents Shivery’s 8×10 contact prints captured on his large format Deardorff camera. It’s a 160-page, limited-edition book separated into sections highlighting approximately 100 images by the artist, and an extensive essay on his photographic beliefs and process. Produced and printed in Portland Ore. Visit for more on the artist and his work.

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Contact Preview

Video by Arthur Hitchcock.