One Twelve is a small independent publishing company, we would be nothing without our collaborators and supporters.


One Twelve Staff

Blue Mitchell, Editor, Curator, Publisher, Podcaster

Liz Kale, Editor, Publisher

Nicole Sharkey, Copy Editor

Past interns whom wore multiple hats: Lisa Susan, Brittany Brock, Angela Chen, Santosh Korthiwada


Blog Contributors:


Frequent Collaborators

Jeff Louviere + Vanessa Brown

Libby Rowe, Exhibition Curator

Sam Macias, Visual Editor & Designer

Lori Vrba, Exhibition Curator


Past Contributors: Diffusion

Scott Henjum, Danielle Hughson, desean, Katrina Laura Ketchum, Nicole Sharkey, Vanessa Kale, Brent Veak, Kristy Hruska, Susan Burnstine, Aline Smithson, Polly Chandler, Jennifer Schwartz, Katherine Ware, Christina Z. Anderson, George Slade, Jennifer Schlesinger, Jeffrey Baker, Ann Jastrab, Brittany Brock, Jake Shivery, Laura Valenti Jelen, Malin Fabbri, Michael Granger, Mike Ware, Phil Nesmith, Ryan Nabulsi, Zeb Andrews, Lauren Henkin, Libby Rowe, Michael Van der Tol, Diana H. Bloomfield, Chris Bennett, J Swofford, Buzzy Sullivan & Nicole DeMent

About One Twelve

One Twelve Publishing is most notably known for its fine art photographic print annual Diffusion (Est. 2009), which focuses on artfully crafted photo practices. Additionally, One Twelve hosted Plates to Pixels gallery for ten years (2007-2017), publishes the occasional artist book (Contact by Jake Shivery, 2015) and provides an extensive blog with articles, interviews, serial features and portfolios. Most recently, One Twelve publisher Blue Mitchell launched a podcast title The Diffusion Tapes where he chats with artists, curators, and writers working in the field of fine art photography.

One Twelve Publishing is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Email:

Our logo is adapted from this photo of my great-grandfather, Robert Alfred Elsner, at Konocti Mountain, Lake County, CA. The photo was likely taken by my great-grandma Alice Odetta Elsner’s father, my great-great-grandfather, Samuel Edward Sharpless. –Blue Mitchell