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Ronni Mae Knepp interview

A conversation with Ronni Mae Knepp.

A while back I received a submission from Ronni Mae Knepp with an introduction to herself and her work. It was an engaging letter that sparked several enjoyable conversations. Knepp is an excellent writer and the timing was such that I figured it was time to do another in depth interview for our readers. As you will see, Knepp is an ideal candidate for doing a more extensive feature. 

Fair warning, the subject matter in her work involves rape and PTSD. However, it also involves resiliency, the need for compassionate connection, and the possibilities of healing through engaging yourself wholly into your artistic process. I am deeply moved by Ronni’s story and her work and I am proud and pleased to be able to share her experience with you.  

I hope that reading her interview will not only give insight into the Dear John Doe series, but also into the emotional journey of the amazing woman who walked through the pain of her experience and transformed it.