New 55 by Polly Chandler

My name is Polly Chandler, and I am in love with film. There is just something a bit magical about it. For myself, digital does not fulfill me creatively like film does. And, just as a painter’s medium of choice is paint (perhaps watercolor vs acrylic), my medium of choice, inside the world of film, is Polaroid Type 55.

As many folks may know, Polaroid ceased production of 55 in early 2009. Once I found out, I did what I had to: I opened a credit card, and charged as much Polaroid Type 55 as I possibly could, and stored it in my refrigerator.


This leads me to a very exciting development that’s been evolving over the past few years. It’s called “New55”! New55 film is a new black and white, instant 4x5 film that produces both a negative and a positive print.


"We don’t want to duplicate or match the old, discontinued Polaroid Type 55 material. New55FILM is still a single sheet instant 4x5 positive and negative film, but it has its own desirable characteristics most useful for darkroom-less photography"— Bob Crowley, who founder New55.


There is a difference in New 55 and Polaroid Type 55, but it’s in the same league and that is more than exciting to me. I have hope that my medium of choice (instant Positive/Negative film) will still be available to me. It would mean I get to challenge myself to learn a new film.

New55 is about to announce it’s Kickstarter campaign and it’s really exciting that, for those of use who used and still do use, Polaroid Type 55, could have access once again to a similar film! So, look for New55’s announcement of their Kickstarter, which should be any time now!

New55 Website:



Polly Chandler grew up in Southern Illinois and graduated with an MFA in photography from Southern Illinois University. She has exhibited her work nationally and her photographs have been published in magazines such as Photo District News, American Photo, Diffusion annual and B&W Magazine. Polly now lives in Austin, Texas and continues to make photographs as well as strives to challenge herself in her work. About her body of work, she says “There are those occurrences that sit with us and settle into who we are. Some are more forceful than others. I am seeking to explore those identifiable instances that seem to slow time, and through my photographs, share the understanding of these moments.”

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