Poignant Portfolios

Welcome to our new portfolio feature where we’ll be periodically featuring work seen at portfolio reviews, gallery exhibits, juried competitions and other venues.

If you’re a fan of our Plates to Pixels gallery (2007-2017), this will be the place for you. Visit the archive here.

Poignant Portfolio no.4: Chiara Dondi

Feminine Symbolism by Chiara Dondi I have always chosen feminine individuals trying to understand their secrets, thoughts and fears. Looking to the mountain of photos that I have in my archive I can find out this central idea of introspection, like a big research of a...

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Poignant Portfolio no.3: Susan Keiser

A River Made of Time and Memory by Susan Keiser Rivers begin as mountain trickles, grow deep and powerful, spread wide and calm, until at the end, they open their mouths to the sea. While the current flows inexorably in one direction, its changeable speed cycles...

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Poignant Portfolio no. 2: Greg Banks

An Explanation of Sympathetic Magic by Greg Banks God, witches, devils, mythical creatures, speaking in tongues, snake, and fire handling, and raising the dead all exist in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. For this body of work, I am appropriating family...

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Poignant Portfolio no. 1: Elizabeth Raymer Griffin

I/We Conflict by Elizabeth Raymer Griffin I spend a tremendous amount of time analyzing my motivations, tendencies, and weaknesses. Self-portraiture is a therapeutic self-examination where I play-out the process of struggling to live my life without abnormal levels of...

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