Poignant Portfolio no. 7: Alanna Airitam

From the editor: “I was introduced to Airitam's work when she was recently a guest on the Keep the Channel Open podcast this past May. I was delighted to hear about her process and purpose of the series. Airitam mentions in the interview that the work was sort of an "emotional vomit" in reaction to current social injustices. The context and implications of the work create a dichotomy... considering these beautiful images are a reaction to a topic that encapsulates so much pain and hatred. Congratulations to Alanna for creating such a tremendously powerful series.” –Blue Mitchell

Poignant Portfolio no. 6: Luther Gerlach

The 2017 Thomas Fire is the largest in California history, an extreme example of a powerfully destructive and creative cycle endemic to the region. The burn came within a quarter mile of my home, and as the smoke cleared, I was struck by how it had abstracted the landscape, leaving white shadows of ash where trees had been and turning a once-colorful forest black, rendered completely bare of undergrowth. Only the strongest features remained.

Poignant Portfolio no. 5: Paula Riff

I've been a fan of Paula's for a while now and had the pleasure of meeting her at Photolucida last year. What drew me to her work in the past was her experimentation with photo-based pictures. This new series Shibui is on another level. A sophisticated actualization as a result of her love and exploration of the craft. Shibui's simplified design mixed with organics topped off with a yummy color palette. Divine. Thanks Paula! –Blue Mitchell