Book Review: Photography Beyond Technique

Book Review: Photography Beyond Technique

Photography Beyond Technique: Essays from the F295 on the Informed Use of Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes brings together thoughts from a wide variety of working artists. What I found most interesting about reading this book was comparing the different sentiments that drive these artists to use historic and alternative processes. 

In the essay There is No Command Z Robb Kendrick writes,

“The tactile nature of many historic processes gives the creator a connection to a physical object that is forged from passion, sweat and serendipity that cannot be replicated in the digital environment.”

Like many of us, Kendrick is pushed to use historical processes because of how each collodion pour can show the hand of the artist and the labor used to produce a single plate. 

But, the handmade quality of the final image does not drive all of the artists represented by this book. Sometimes it’s the conversation that happens between digital photographic and historic processes, or the dream-like quality of a long exposure, or, for others like Jo Babcock, it is in the construction of the actual picture-making device that drives the work. 

Babcock has created over one thousand simple cameras out of materials varying from paint cans to vehicles. In Babcock’s eloquent essay he states,

“Such a direct photographic approach fills me with an awe and fascination that I imagine must have captured the early phototropic pioneers.” 

In addition to the explanations offered by each artist as to why he or she is drawn to use historic and alternative photographic processes, this collection of essays is also full of historic information about different processes and their lineage. A portion of Alan Greene’s essay Imaginary Whole-Plates or, Notes Towards the Reinvention of Photography examines the origins of photography starting with the sun’s ability to patina wood or change the color of leaves, then continues onto historic dyeing methods that produced purple cloth with the help of a yellow light sensitive liquid collected from mollusks mixed with salt water. 

While some artists enjoy historic processes because they can transform a photograph into a relic, others are drawn to the sense of wonder that capturing an image can create, and then there are those are who find the intersection between art and science irresistible. Photography Beyond Technique: Essays from the F295 on the Informed Use of Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes is a strong collection of essays because it showcases so many diverse perspectives.

Find the book here or here.

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Paul Karabinis

Paul Karabinis


Texas Photo’ Society: Call for Entries

TPS sets August 18, 2014 deadline for entries for The 27th Annual Membersʼ Only Show

EXHIBITION DATES: October 27, 2014 – December 5, 2014

Options Gallery, Odessa College, Odessa, Texas

About the Exhibition
Texas Photographic Society sets an August 18, 2014 deadline for entries for  The 27th Annual Membersʼ Only Show.
TPS is proud to be celebrating 30 years of providing programs and services to photographers and their audiences across the country, making 2014 a landmark year. In honor of TPSʼ 30th Anniversary, this  yearʼs juror will select 30 photographers to showcase in the exhibition.
Members of TPS are invited to submit up to 10 images for The 27th Annual Membersʼ Only Show by August 18, 2014.

The exhibition will be juried by Jim Casper, Founder and Editor of LensCulture, and will open at Options Gallery, at Odessa College on October 27, 2014.

FInd out more

The Matter of Light: Call for Entries


The Matter of Light

With co-juror Katherine Ware

What is a photograph? The origins of the word photography give us the broad idea of writing with light, while dictionary definitions tend to describe photography as we have known it, rather than offering some essential quality against which to measure. However we may define a photograph, what is certain is that its close connection with the world we see continues to pay a powerful role in art-making.

For this call we are looking for work that addresses this issue within our A Matter of Light theme. As usual we encourage artists working with photography in unconventional ways to submit—including (but not limited to) assemblage, historic processes, installation, mixed media, hand crafted processes, etc.


Incandescent Issue Six

Two weeks left to submit to Incandescent Issue Six. As always, we are looking for color only / film only work.  Incandescent is a bi-annual color film zine that features emerging artists. It is curated and produced in Portland, Oregon by Pine Island Press. 
No submission fees To submit, email up to 12 examples of your work and/or a link to your website. The last day to submit is June 15th, it will be released at the end of July. 
More info can be found at :

Unbound3!: An Annual Invitational & Juried Exhibition

July 11 – August 9, 2014

For Immediate Release By:

214 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220
T-F 11am to 5pm; Sat. 1pm- 5pm
Priya Kambli, “Dada Aajooba and Dadi Aaji,” 2012. 8×8. Archival inkjet print. 

Eliot Dudik, “Battle of Antietem, Maryland,” 2012. 8×20. Archival pigment print.
Noelani Martin, “Sacred Secular Untitled (Baptism, Mary, and Blue) 2013. 23×15.25. Archival pigment print.

Amy Friend, “And the light shines in darkness; and darkness comprehended it not,” 2013. 10×15. 2/10, Digital pigment print on Hahnemühle paper.
Jessica Ingram,Pink Comb, 2014. Archival pigment print.
With every summer comes Candela Books + Gallery’s annual invitational and juried exhibition. This year brings Unbound3!, featuring the art of 39 photographers; many known nationally and internationally and many emerging photographers as well. The exhibition will open to the public Friday, July 11th, with a First Friday Art Walk reception from 5 to 9 pm.
The Unbound! exhibition originated to with the goal to annually present a cross-section of contemporary and traditional photography, and celebrate these working artists by hosting a fundraising event to raise monies to acquire work for the Candela Collection. Our intention is to eventually donate this collection to a notable art institution, thereby generating opportunities and exposure for participating artists beyond traditional group or juried show opportunities. 
2014’s Unbound3! will include the photographs of Stephen Berkman, Jessica Ingram, Larry Fink, Amy Friend, Bill Yates, Roberta Allen, Willie Anne Wright, Tom Chambers, Robert Moran, Blue Mitchell, Michael Donnor, Priya Kambli, and Eliot Dudik, just to name a few.
Candela will close the exhibition with a blowout event featuring music, entertainment, door prizes and whatever else we might be able to conjure up between now and then. 
This yearsgala fundraiser, Cirque de Candela, on Saturday, August 9th, 7-11pm will offer libations and eats, including our mouthwatering back alley chicken; and other amusement park fare the likes of a mermaid, tarot readings, the pool of sorrows, door prizes, raffle, weight guessing, and sundry stupendous surprises. This annual summer party has earned its reputation as a legendary good time but also manages to generate a lot of goodwill for participating photographers.  
Event tickets and raffle tickets will be sold in advance and at the door; and all of these proceeds will go toward purchase of artwork from the exhibition for the aforementioned Candela Collection.
Come marvel at photographic mysteries! Come dance to the artistic spectacle! 
The opening reception will take place Friday, July 11, 5-8pm. The closing fundraiser event is Saturday, August 9, 7-11pm.

The Hand Magazine – Call for Work!

Our friends over at The Hand are going to press again and need some of your awesome handmade work. Entries due soon so get on it. See the below submission info from the publishers.

Adam Finkelston, Manifestation 1, Salted paper print on cyanotype, 7”x 5”


The countdown is on for submission to our 1st Anniversary Issue, coming out in July. This will be our biggest issue yet- more pages, more artists, more goodies, more limited edition prints, more more more! 

We have a very special feature artist lined up for this issue and James and I are making a special gift for all of our subscribers. SO, MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE BY MAY 31st TO GET THE SPECIAL GIFT. And don’t forget that you can get your subscription or renewal for half price when you purchase a gift subscription. Both of you will get the special gift from James and me. Hey, we’re all about gifts! And subscriptions are the best way to submit too. The subscription allows you to submit to all four issues, so it’s about half the cost of submitting to four issues individually.

So get those submissions in! We know a lot of you students are finishing up thesis projects, educators are working on new projects now that your teaching season is over. Perhaps other working artists are just now getting some positive results from a New Year’s resolution to start a new project. We want to see what you’re up to!

And finally, we are also looking to print a few of our favorite, Holding Hands Across The World, images. Send us a photo of your hand holding ours (make sure it’s 300 dpi and 10” – 3000ppi- on the longest side) and we’ll consider it for publication. No entry fee necessary for those. We love to see where our readers live and where our magazine goes. Try to include a local landmark or something that makes your home unique. 

Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing your amazing work.

The HANDs,
Adam Finkelston and James Meara

Call for Art: Featured Book

Hey Unconventional Photography Book Makers: We’re trying out a new program to celebrate self published or hand made photography books of the unconventional sort to promote on our blog and sell on consignment in the store. Send us an online gallery url of your book and maybe we will feature it. Email for details: books(a)

Pop up book

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