Measured by its intent, One Twelve Publishing is a movement to save endangered photography: to capture it in its purest forms, accurately reproduce it in print and online, and distribute it to the world. The film, handmade photography, and alternative process work featured by One Twelve Publishing has been practiced and celebrated across the world for decades, yet now it teeters on the brink of obsolescence. One Twelve Publishing is here to resist that flow in the direction of forgetting; to find those artists who appreciate photography as crafted and who want to ensure that generations to come will, as well.

One Twelve Publishing is a Mission. Measured by its products, it is the distributor of art through means that can be considered on their own to be an art form. The publishing company is known internationally for its respected fine art photographic annual Diffusion which focuses on unconventional photographic practices. One Twelve also hosts an online gallery that focuses on bridging the gap between antiquated and contemporary photographic processes called Plates to Pixels.

In April 2015 One Twelve Publishing launched its new monograph series starting with Contact by Jake Shivery.

One Twelve Publishing is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Email: hello@112pub.com

Blue Mitchell

Blue Mitchell

Publisher / Curator

Blue Mitchell is an independent publisher, curator, educator, and photographer. Based in Portland, Oregon, he has been involved with many facets of the photographic arts. After Mitchell received his BFA from Oregon College of Art & Craft in 2005 he founded One Twelve Publishing. One Twelve focuses on photography based projects in both print and online gallery formats.

In 2009, One Twelve Publishing launched their photographic print magazine Diffusion, an independent, contributor and reader-supported annual that highlights and celebrates unconventional and artfully-crafted photography. Diffusion strives to spotlight artists pushing the boundaries of traditional photographic processes as well as introducing new and innovative voices. Described as ‘a wonderful bundle of inspiration,’ Diffusion is supported by an audience of photographers, gallery directors, educators and art enthusiasts worldwide.

One Twelve published their first monograph book Contact by large format photographer Jake Shivery in 2015. One Twelve also runs the online photographic gallery called Plates to Pixels (est. 2007) which focuses on bridging the gap between antiquated and contemporary photographic processes.

Aside from his publishing endeavors, Mitchell has also curated and juried exhibitions for a number of galleries and organizations. He has been a juror for Photolucida’s Critical Mass and a reviewer for several photo festivals across the United States.

Mitchell teaches workshops as well as presents lectures and panels discussions on hand-crafted photography. Most recently, he was the keynote speaker at the 2016 Northwest Symposium for Alternative Process Photography in Vancouver, BC.

Libby Rowe

Libby Rowe

Exhibitions Curator

Libby Rowe is an artist working in photography, sculpture, interactive installation, and performance. Her artwork explores ideas of identity and belonging through self-definitions as informed by social and domestic constructs.  Rowe is interested in breaking from traditional presentation strategies for photographs to engage viewers in a more interactive experience as well as the role of the photographic image in relation to other media. Through pink, Rowe explores the sociological, physiological and psychological aspects of femininity using image, object and installations. Rowe’s performances were included in the Vertigo Performance Series at the Waterloo Center for the Arts and Fountain Art Fair New York in 2014.  Rowe’s current photographic series, Inside/Out and the installation (sub)Division were recently exhibited together at United Photo Industries in Brooklyn New York and were exhibited with Like Panes of Glass at Morlan Gallery in Lexington, KY.

Rowe received her BFA from the University of Northern Iowa and her MFA from Syracuse University. She resides and works in San Antonio, Texas.

Santosh Korthiwada

Santosh Korthiwada

Intern 2017

Santosh Korthiwada is an award winning fine-art photographer and educator, specializing in thought provoking imagery reflecting the symmetry of emotion and intellect; for private collections, corporate fine-art, and academia.

Currently pursuing master’s degree in fine arts – MFA at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Santosh plans to graduate in December 2017. He worked on several photographic projects, documentaries, and is currently collaborating with Five Keys Schools and Programs with the goal of redefining the way people think about the role of education in restoring communities. Santosh’s professional goal is to teach at a university level on the topics of critical theory and concepts, and visual storytelling through photography.

Santosh was selected to attend the 2016 Eddie Adams Workshop in New York and he has been a freelance photographer for 15 years. His work is exhibited in several national and international galleries including Loosen Art Gallery – Italy, Indian Photography Festival, Hyderabad – India, Goethe-Zentrum, Hyderabad – India, Literary Festival, Agra, and Delhi – India. He won awards from PDN-USA, Photography Forum – USA, International Photography Awards, Moscow Photography Awards, B&H and Canon, Travel Photographers Society – Malaysia. His interviews and articles can be found online at The Image Deconstructed, Loosen Art Magazine, AAU Lens Blog.


Sam Estrella

Sam Estrella

Visual Editor and Designer

Angela Chen

Angela Chen

Intern 2016

Angela Lillian Chen is an editorial photographer from San Francisco, CA and recently received her MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has been featured in Photographer’s Forum, the Lucie Foundation, and Academy of Art Exhibitions. While she primarily works digitally, she was formerly taught in the black and white film darkroom and still holds interest in working with alternative processes such as cyanotype and gum printing. Her work primarily expresses an elegant use of natural light and soft color palette.

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