One Twelve is a collective of like-minded folk really enjoy artfully crafted photography.

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One Twelve Staff

Blue Mitchell, Editor, Curator, Publisher

Liz Kale, Editor, Publisher

Libby Rowe, Exhibitions Curator

Sam Macias, Visual Editor & Designer

Past interns: Lisa Susan, Brittany Brock, Angela Chen, Santosh Korthiwada


About One Twelve

Measured by its intent, One Twelve Publishing is a movement to save endangered photography: to capture it in its purest forms, accurately reproduce it in print and online, and distribute it to the world. The film, handmade photography, and artfully crafted process work featured by One Twelve Publishing has been practiced and celebrated across the world for decades, yet now it teeters on the brink of obsolescence. One Twelve Publishing is here to resist that flow in the direction of forgetting; to find those artists who appreciate photography as crafted and who want to ensure that generations to come will, as well.

One Twelve Publishing is a Mission. Measured by its products, it is the distributor of art through means that can be considered on their own to be an art form. The publishing company is known internationally for its respected fine art photographic annual Diffusion which focuses on artfully-crafted photo practices. One Twelve hosted an online gallery for ten years that focused on bridging the gap between antiquated and contemporary photographic processes called Plates to Pixels. In April 2015, One Twelve Publishing published its first monograph Contact by Jake Shivery. Additionally, One Twelve’s recently rebranded and refreshed website now features numerous articles, interviews and artist portfolios.

One Twelve Publishing is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Email:

Our logo is adapted from this photo of my great-grandfather, Robert Alfred Elsner, at Konocti Mountain, Lake County, CA. The photo was likely taken by my great-grandma Alice Odetta Elsner’s father, my great-great-grandfather, Samuel Edward Sharpless. –Blue Mitchell