A beautifully produced hardcover book edited by Russell Joslin.

Featuring a curated collection of images from the issues of SHOTS that Joslin has published.

Over the course of 16½ years, Russell Joslin has edited and published 67 issues of SHOTS, a renown independent journal of fine art photography. During this time 1,456 different photographers from 60 countries have been published in its pages.

SHOTS has been made possible thanks to the support of readers, enthusiasts, and so many amazing photographers. In celebration and appreciation, Joslin is publishing a beautifully produced hardcover book featuring both black and white and full-color images selected from the issues he has published.

Your pledge brings Volume One to life.

A word from the editor:

Reflecting on the beautiful, heartfelt, compelling, skilled, and inventive variety of photographic work I’ve had the honor of publishing in the pages of SHOTS, I feel perhaps overdue in celebrating these images in an elevated context. To this, I envision creating a spectacular book of the highest quality drawing from the photographs curated during my nearly 17 years of editing SHOTS. I’m excited by the immeasurable possibilities that this project represents—both in terms of the book presented here, and potential future volumes as well. Similar to the reader-supported community that is the lifeblood of what continues to make SHOTS a unique presence in the world of photography publications, SHOTS (Vol. 1) relies on the collective support of this community. Each contribution made to this campaign celebrates the art of photography, the power of collective action, and the beauty of independence. I’ve chosen to keep the rewards basic and on point to the project at hand: SHOTS (Vol. 1). Thank you sincerely for your interest and consideration.

— Russell Joslin, Editor and Publisher, SHOTS Magazine (2000-present)

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